Sick But Not Sick


This article describes and explains a detoxification experience by Jim Cordie during November 2016.

Until Thursday, November 10, 2016, Jim had been feeling well and healthy. Since December 20, 2012 he had been adhering to a plant based whole foods diet that is, a vegan diet without the use of processed foods. During this four-year period, Jim had experienced many improvements in his health. These health changes included the elimination of 20 plus years of continuous eczema, lowering of total cholesterol from 210 to 155, loss of all excess weight, decrease in incidence of a mild case of a-fig and a general overall feeling of physical wellbeing.

Also, during these four years, Jim had three bouts of detoxification that were of about one week each in duration. These episodes of detoxication had symptoms that could easily been mistaken for cold virus symptoms. However, through consultation with Dr. Jane Powley, Jim learned that he was not sick as with a cold or flu viruses. He was not sick because Jim’s saliva pH was alkaline and not acidic. Alkalinity of the body is an indication of good health. Acidity is an indication of illness.

November 10

On Thursday, November 10th, Jim began to feel headachy and sluggish. He thought that he was coming down with cold.

November 11

By Friday morning, November 11th, Jim was really feeling sick. He felt so poorly that he ceased all his normal activities. He spent the day in his recliner chair.

November 12

On Saturday, November 12th, Jim was sicker than the day before. Joan, Jim’s wife said that Jim’s face was flush red. So, she checked his temperature which was over 100 degrees. Throughout Saturday, his symptoms continued to worsen.

November 13

Jim’s temperature was 102.4 degrees early Sunday, November 13th. Joan became so alarmed at his elevated temperature that she convinced Jim to let her take him to the emergency room at the Dover hospital. After 8 hours of physical examination, 90 blood tests, tests for nasal & throat viruses, x-rays of the head and torso the doctors could not diagnose any abnormal health condition that would account for his headache and/or fever. Jim was discharged late Sunday afternoon with no diagnosis and no recommendation other than to follow up with his family physician.

Note: Jim refused to be given an intravenous injection of an antibiotic prescription.

November 14

On Monday, the 14th, Jim called Dr. Jane Powley to appraise her of his health condition and symptoms.

After discussion with Jim about his symptoms and the medical doctor’s inability to find a route cause, Jane asked Jim if he was alkaline. Jim said that he was alkaline.

Jane told Jim that he was not sick, but that he was experiencing a severe bout of detoxication.

She also asked Jim if he had recently experienced a strong or major stressful situation. Jim responded that he was very tired and rundown on Wednesday November 9th due to not having slept but 2 to 3 hours on the AM hours of November 9th due to staying up until 4 AM watching the presidential election returns. This was discussed as a possible trigger for the illness type conditions that began the following day.

November 15

On Tuesday, the 15th, Joan advised Jim that she had make an appointment with their family physician as recommended by the doctor on Sunday at the hospital. Although Jim continued to have terrible head pain and a fever, he reluctantly agreed to see the doctor.

After a, thorough physical examination of Jim and a 20-minute review of the online results of Sunday’s hospital tests, the physician said that he could find nothing out of normal to account for Jim’s fever and head pain. He stated that the symptoms were probably caused by a virus. In addition, he said that if Jim was not feeling better by Friday to make another appointment to see him.

November 22

A week went by, the fever had gone but Jim continued to have head pain and feel very weak. Life continued in the recliner chair.

Joan who continued with her concern made another appointment for that day with the family physician.

Once again after another physical examination and a second review of the test data from the hospital, the doctor stated that Jim was in good health! He said that he could find nothing wrong with Jim.

The doctor sent Jim home with no plan for a follow up on his part.

November 25

On Friday, the 25th, Jim advised Dr. Jane of his second visit to the family physician. After hearing the doctor’s comment that Jim was in good health, she laughed and said “See, you are not sick.”

November 26 thru. December 12

During the next two plus weeks, Jim’s symptoms continued to lessen a little each day until by December 12th he could resume normal activities.

Comment and Conclusions by Jim Cordie

Throughout the four years of my new-found lifestyle, that is, living solely on a whole foods plant based diet, Dr. Powley guided me through the four bouts of detoxication that I described above. I’ve come to believe and understand that although I felt very ill, that I was not sick!

Humbart “Smokey” Santillo, N.D. in his book “ProMetabolics, Your Personal Guide to Transformational Health and Healing” states the following.

“Remember, as disease is a process, so is cure. While your body works to get rid of all the accumulated waste built up over the of years, you may get a replay of some of your past ailments, but they’ll pass. Keep this possibility in mind so as not to lose confidence in the natural process of healing.”

Santillo is referring to the effects of detoxification that can occur after eliminating from our lifestyle the root causes such as poor diet that cause ill health or disease type conditions.